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"I am worth more! Self-worth is something I've really struggled with, I thought I was too dirty and used to be loved, forgiven and so much more. But, then God started talking to me about what I'm really worth. Now I know; I am worth more than my past, I am worth more than a victim, I am worth more than my reputation, I am worth being forgiven, I am worth being treated as a person, I am worth celebrating, I am worth being loved, I am worth what God has planned for me!"

Former Resident


"At Mercy, God gently removed the masks that I constantly hid behind and he broke down the wall and barriers that I had built up to protect myself.


The unconditional love of the Mercy staff and their unfailing support and Godly wisdom taught me that I need not protect
myself, for God alone is my protection. As I began to believe that He truly loved me, I found myself able to love myself."

Former Resident


"I am so grateful for every part of the journey, I am grateful for the foundation that was built during that time because it's one that is sustaining me daily. I look back and smile because I am unrecognisable to the girl I was. Are things perfect? No way! But the journey continues and there is always more. I look back and smile at the things I have overcome, and the opportunities I have been given. I have conquered fears and though along the way I have had times where I have tripped up, I keep getting back up."

Former Resident


"Mercy is not a magic wand. It’s hard work and requires a willingness to let God in. For anyone wanting to apply to Mercy UK, I would say do it!

Doing something like Mercy is never easy, but I have found it completely worth it. God loves you and is waiting for you to
allow him full access within you!"

Former Resident


"I am so so grateful to you all - honestly, I can't put into words how much it means that you would partner with a mother you don't know to contend for my daughter!" 

Mother of Resident

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