Become a Treasure Builder

Every testimony, every breakthrough, every advance towards freedom, wholeness and understanding freedom is credited to our financial partners - our ‘Treasure Builders’, who quite simply make everything happen. Without them Mercy UK cannot exist.

At Mercy UK, we do not take any funding (government or otherwise) for our work, nor do we charge for any aspect of our residential home. All our financial support comes from donations - individuals, businesses, churches and ministries partnering together for one purpose - to see the body of Christ living in freedom, wholeness and truth.


"I am making wiser choices and following God more closely. I now have hope for the future again..."

Keys to Freedom Participant

Our Treasure Builders give from their treasure to build treasure in others. It is because of this generosity we are able to plan for growth and reach more people. Becoming a Treasure Builder by partnering with us financially - any amount, for any length of time, is an investment into restoring hope and transforming lives.