There's always a why behind the what


Many Christian people helpers can find themselves frustrated and overwhelmed
when working with broken and hurting individuals and wonder why those people
are not changing.

Often our time can be consumed with addressing people’s presenting behaviours, when in fact there are
much deeper roots driving their actions. Designed for parents, pastoral teams, youth workers, church leaders and anyone else in people-helping roles, Mercy UK provides training to educate, equip and empower the body of Christ.


"MPower gives understanding and insights based on vast experience, and offers accessible, wise tools that the whole church can access. I thoroughly recommend it for any church."

Mark and Nita Pugh,
Lead Pastors, Rediscover Church, Exeter

MPower Training


MPower Training days will educate you on common life controlling issues, equip you with tools for effective people-helping and empower you with principles to stay healthy and whole whilst supporting others.

Topics Covered:

  • The connection between roots, behaviours and beliefs

  • An overview of life controlling issues

  • An understanding of the transformation process

  • The key components of discipleship

  • How to establish boundaries, co-ordinated care and safeguarding

We can provide MPower Training to a bespoke group within your church or organisation or you can book on to one of our days taking place around the UK.


"Unlike other courses, I did not have a teaching role, I simply asked some questions to help get discussion started and had the privilege of hearing many stories of people experiencing breakthrough in areas of their lives that they had been stuck in... some for a very long time."

Philip Allen,
Executive Pastor, Thriving Life Church, Newtownards


Keys to Freedom Facilitator Training

Whilst anyone can journey our Keys to Freedom discipleship course, if you would like to facilitate a group or use the material in a 1:1 or mentoring setting, you will need our facilitator training.

The facilitator training day provides you with a Facilitator Guide for the Keys to Freedom material and teaching to equip you with tools and understanding to support a group or individuals on their freedom journey.

The full day training includes sessions on:

  • An outline of the Keys to Freedom course

  • Exploring the role of a facilitator

  • An overview of potential obstacles and outcomes

  • Practical steps to building upon pastoral care within the Church

  • Keys to Freedom facilitator training can be delivered to a bespoke group within your church/organisation or you can book on to one of our days taking place around the UK.

We can provide Keys to Freedom Facilitator Training to a bespoke group within your church or organisation or you can book on to one of our days taking place around the UK.


Educate. Equip. Empower.

Partner Organisation Training


There are times where we host or partner with other ministries and Christian organisations to provide additional training from a Christian perspective. These training days cover a range of topics, including mental health, attachment, inner healing and trauma.


If you would like to host an MPower or Keys to freedom training day, please get in touch