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They held fast to God—never loosened their grip—and obeyed to the letter everything God had commanded. And God, for his part, held fast to them through all their adventures.” 2 Kings 18:6

Every adventure has an adversary, every journey has mountains to climb, valleys to cross and twists and turns in the road. The very nature of adventure is in the discomfort required to step out of the ordinary and to face the possibility of pain and failure, in the pursuit of something more.

Over the next few months, we are inviting you to follow our adventure of seeing hope restored and lives transformed as our CEO Arianna Walker, along with our Senior Manager Rob Harvie and long term Mercy supporter Jojo, embark on a journey of a life-time this July.

For an average of 6 hours a day on horseback, Arianna and the team will be journeying through a historic section of the Inca Trail in Peru, through 15 different eco-systems while traversing a mountain pass over 15,000 feet with the hope of raising £50,000 towards the work of Mercy UK. 

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Follow Arianna and the team’s journey over the next few months whilst getting a detailed look into the Mercy UK programme @mercyukorg

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But the adventure does not stop there.

This journey will run parallel to the journey each one of our precious young women undertake as they choose to take on their own adversaries, face their fears and battle for their freedom through our residential programme. This programme is not a holiday camp, it is the beautiful fight for their lives, in a beautiful home, with the beautiful people God has placed around them. But it is a battle nonetheless. 

Through our residential home, over 300 young women have embarked on their own Mercy journey at the risk of pain or failure, to face their adversaries and find freedom and victory from issues such as eating-disorders, self-harm, or the effects of abuse in all its forms.

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With your money, we can welcome more young women to embark a journey of transformation and restoration.

Here’s how much you have raised so far…

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“I wouldn't be free without support from partners, whether you gave prayers, a few pounds or thousands - it's changed me. I appreciate every single penny that means I live completely free of my life controlling issue and with a much stronger relationship with God.”

Former Resident