Life can be tough, we are here to help


We know life can be tough sometimes and however hard you try, you just can’t seem to keep your head above the water; you want to be whole, to be free, to believe that you have a hope and a future, but you just can’t seem to get past your past.

Are you struggling with low self-esteem, depression, self-harming behaviours, eating disorder behaviours, anxiety disorders or a general inability to live your life in freedom? We are here to help.


"I remember, before applying to Mercy, a thought that said ‘ You
aren’t bad enough! You don’t deserve this help’ – I really had to make a choice from the start to put myself forward ahead of my feelings and thoughts.

During my time at Mercy, I was loved back to life. I had the opportunity, time and teaching to help me throw away preconceived ideas of what God was like and instead, choose to embrace the reality that He is a kind, loving, caring and strong Father, who loved me before I was even born!"

Former Resident


If you are female and aged between 18 and around 30, then Mercy UK’s residential Christian discipleship programme may be the place for you. Our home exists to provide opportunities for women to experience God’s unconditional love, forgiveness and life-transforming power. The six month residential programme is offered completely free of charge - all we ask is that you come ready and willing to engage in your healing journey.

The home provides you with the safety, stability, structure and support to educate, equip and empower you to make the changes in your life that you desire. The structured programme includes biblical teaching, individual and group study, prayer, worship, discipleship, 1-2-1 support and mentoring, helping you to address root causes and walk through a process of forgiveness and restoration.


Additionally, we provide life skills training on topics including healthy eating, boundaries, fitness, CV writing and budgeting, designed to equip you with practical resources that enable you to press forward in your journey to make positive life decisions.

Setting you up for success


We know that six months at Mercy UK is just a step along the way, not the end destination. As such we take the time to establish a partnership with your church, ensuring that you have people from your local church family encouraging and championing you in your application to Mercy and beyond it.

Every applicant is set up with an Accountability Partner (an AP), who has been nominated by her church leader. She will talk with you, pray with you and support you throughout your journey from application through to transition back into your community. The AP receives full training and support from the team at Mercy UK.


Our Homes


We currently have one home in the UK, with plans for our second home underway for 2020. The current Mercy UK home is located just outside Bradford in beautiful West Yorkshire. There is accommodation for 20 women at any one time from across the UK and Europe.

We are passionate about God, passionate about people and passionate about excellence and each one of these core values is expressed throughout the home, with every room designed and decorated to the highest standard, reflecting the love, value and worth we hold for each young woman entering our home.


The day I chose Mercy,
I chose life.

Facts & Figures


With an established track record of over a decade, Mercy UK has seen several hundred women enter our home since we opened in September 2006. When any resident exits the programme, regardless of whether she stays the full six months, we ask her to complete an anonymous exit questionnaire. The results of this survey evidence:

Strongly agree or agree with the statement:  “I would recommend the programme to others”

Strongly agree or agree with the statement: “I would recommend the programme to others”

Strongly agree or agree with the statement:  “While I was in the programme my life was transformed and hope was restored”

Strongly agree or agree with the statement: “While I was in the programme my life was transformed and hope was restored”

were very satisfied or satisfied with their overall experience at Mercy UK.

were very satisfied or satisfied with their overall experience
at Mercy UK.


The positive impact of the programme reaches far beyond the individual with several of our former residents going on to live lives beyond their dreams and expectations before Mercy. Some have become full time missionaries, others are now working for their local church and many have gone on to further education, gaining qualifications and securing work, where previously they were virtually unemployable

Marriages have been restored, miracle babies have been born and we rejoice each time we hear of another wedding engagement. Lives that once believed they were worthless and without value are now adding value and bringing hope to the lives of those around them.


"We have learned that long term success and living a life of freedom has always come in the lives of those who did not just use the tools to be free from their past but those who continued to use them to take hold of their future."

Debbie Harvie,
Executive Director of Services, Mercy UK




Dealing with the root causes of your behaviour is not easy but it is worth it and we believe that the tools you will learn at Mercy UK won’t just help you deal with your past, they will help equip you for your future. The application process is designed to help you explore whether our residential home is the most suitable support for you. If you would like to discuss your eligibility or your application to the programme in more detail, please contact our Intake team on +44 (0) 1535 642042 or email us at


"Mercy is not a magic wand. It’s hard work and requires a willingness to let God in. For anyone wanting to apply to
Mercy UK, I would say do it!

Doing something like Mercy is never easy, but I have found it completely worth it. God loves you and is waiting for you to
allow him full access within you!"

Former Resident