Can You Make a Way?

We want to see every Christian able to navigate their life from a place of freedom, wholeness and understanding using the biblical tools of freedom made available by our Heavenly Father. This year we have space for 30 women to come through our residential discipleship programme at our home in Bradford, we want to be able to provide for each of these women to experience hope and freedom.

Additionally through our new discipleship programme, Keys to Freedom, we want to see more men, women and churches being effectively resourced to see lives changed and hope restored. 

We are not going to stop running residential homes. We want to continue to take care of the one, and in turn, through the ripple effect of her freedom and liberty, see her life impact the lives of many in her church and in her community. However, we also want to make a way for all individuals to find that same freedom. 

We are inviting you, a partner and friend of Mercy UK, to ask if you would prayerfully consider making a one off donation to sponsor a room here at Mercy UK so we can make a way for more of these individuals? To find out how, read below...

Will You Make A Way?


If you want to join with us and make a way for others to navigate their life from a place of freedom, wholeness and understanding then all you need to do is:

  1. Choose which room you want to sponsor.

  2. Make your donation using the payment system opposite (or call in on 01535 642042 and we will take your payment over the phone).

  3. Click on the link below to write a message to the residents that will be printed on a plaque in your sponsored room.