This Christmas can you make room for one more?


Did you know that the average family of four spend £68 on putting together Christmas Dinner? - That is £17 per head on turkey, potatoes and all the trimmings.

At Mercy UK it costs us £30,000 per year to feed the young women in our residential home – that’s £6 per resident per day.

It is with this in mind that we are inviting you, and or your church, to join us in making a difference not just for Christmas but for 2019. A donation of just £6 per month will help us raise the needed £30,000 to cover our residential home food costs of 2019.

At £6 per day, the daily allowance for each resident is higher than the national average, but with 65% of the young women entering our residential home battling some form of disordered eating a specialised, well-balanced, highly nutritious diet is required.


Help us set our table for one more this Christmas! Together we are better, together we make a difference and together we can raise £30,000.

To make room for one more,
simply click the donate button today


Here are a few examples of how your giving can help:

£6 per month - pays for one resident’s food, one day every month.

£42 per month - pays for one week’s food per month for one resident.

One off payment of £90 pays for the food for all our residents for one day.

One off payment of £1002 pays for one resident’s food their whole stay
(based on an average length of stay from 2018 figures)

You can sign up today and become a regular giver to Mercy UK, donating £6 per month or maybe you prefer to give a one off donation of a chosen amount. You and your friends, or church, could hold a carol concert, watch a movie together or simply enjoy sitting round the dinner table and raise the money together.

No matter how big or small the amount you can give, we would love you to join us in transforming the lives of the incredible young women who come into our home, and show them there will always be room at the Mercy UK table for them. To give, simply click on the ‘donate now’ button below.


“Words fail me - I have never cried and laughed so hard in just 2 days. I have been showered with love and grace in ways I could not imagine and did not believe I deserved or was worth. I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I will cherish the tears, the joy and love we experienced in the Mercy UK house this Christmas forever. Thank you to all the people who generously and selflessly allow this to happen. It’s been one of the best weekends of my life.”

Resident Christmas 2017