What Others Say

What Others Say

We love that other people love what we do. Here are some things that others have said about Mercy UK:

‘Mercy Ministries UK is committed to helping girls from all backgrounds move forward. They take those who have become stuck in the hurts of the past and release them into freedom for their future. As a church we have seen the fruit of this ministry firsthand and are so grateful for the invaluable work of Mercy UK.’ – Steve and Charlotte Gambill, Lead Pastors, Life Church Bradford.

“Having visited the team at Mercy UK, I can say without a doubt that their work is an excellent example of how God’s power can and is transforming people’s lives. I’m delighted to be able to support and partner with an organisation like Mercy UK that so passionately reaches out to the broken and the lost with a God centred programme that really works.”  – Paul Cowley, Executive Director Social Transformation, Holy Trinity Brompton, London, UK 

‘One of the greatest challenges for the church today is to reflect the heart of God in a broken world.  Mercy UK does this in a stunning and extravagant way. The lives of so many young women have been completely turned around as a result of this powerful and profound work.’  – Beth and Matt Redman

‘I was just talking to a lady who runs very important residential clinics for young people who have been self-harming or indeed have eating disorders – a classic example of someone of faith who has a great belief in wanting to do good, in wanting to change the world and we should encourage those faith-based organisations into the solving of social problems’– The Rt Hon David Cameron MP, Prime Minister and Conservative Party Leader.